About C.G. Masi

Multimedia artist, filmmaker, journalist, author, engineer, scientist, and teacher, C.G. Masi brings an unique perspective to all his creative endeavors. Masi has advanced degrees in astrophysics and business administration, with hundreds of published articles in magazines as diverse as American Iron and Review of Scientific Instruments.

He writes adventure/mystery novels having multi-layered plots with unconventional characters who apply intelligence, understanding of historical and social issues, and mastery of high technology to resolve the situations they confront.

As an award-winning magazine editor, he has been involved in launches of four successful magazines. He has written six novels, and his non-fiction book, How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop, is in its third edition. His short film, Bonnie Pureheart and the Golden Ghost has been nominated for awards in several film festivals.

As a private pilot, he has over 150 hours in small aircraft, including complex, high performance, and aerobatic monoplanes and biplanes, as well as helicopter experience. He has over 40 hours experience piloting RC model aircraft.